We’re Going on a Trip in Our Favorite Rocketship…

Day 6 of 2022

Visit a new place at least once a month.
Take more pictures.

These two goals shouldn’t be hard, just need to actually do them. You know, just like everything else πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

Visit a new place at least once a month.
A new place can be a new city, museum, park, amusement place, aquarium or zoo, farm. Just some place we haven’t been before. I just want to experience something new. Just, adventure. I feel like we have become accustomed to not being able to do anything or go anywhere. Things do seem to be closing and shutting down again (hence the virtual schooling this week) so achieving this goal might be a little different, but no excuses because it won’t be impossible.

Also have to think about the girls. We did so many things and went to many places when Avory was a baby. Things are just, different, with two kids. Alright, let’s be honest here. It is harder with two.

So what are some cool things to do in Jersey…
πŸ–€ Six Flags Hurricane Harbor (I’ve been to Six Flags but never the water park!)
🀍 Liberty State Park
πŸ–€ Grounds for Sculpture (went there to make some connections when I was working in Sales in a hotel but never went to enjoy it)
🀍 Howell Living History Museum
πŸ–€ Duke Farms
🀍 Liberty Science Center! (went for a field trip when I was younger but would love to go now and bring my kids)
πŸ–€ Storybook Land (was this once The Land of Make Believe? πŸ€”)
🀍 Vineyard/Winery or a wine tasting
πŸ–€ Jersey Shore Blue Claws (minor league baseball)
🀍 Nickelodeon Universe – American Dream

These are just some I have on our list. Check out VisitNJ.org for so much more.

I put visiting a new place and taking more pictures together, I feel they kind of go together. Taking pictures needs to become easier for me. I like not having my phone in hand at all times and constantly being on it and checking it. Especially while I’m doing things with the girls. And plus, I just hate being like “wait wait! let me grab my phone!” or “oh wait, have to do another one, that wasn’t a good one!” I’ve been putting my phone down more but now I need to pick it up. But only for pictures.

Getting a little personal. I also don’t like taking many pictures of myself simply because I just hate the way I look. I have always hated my body.
I hate my legs.
I hate my hips.
I hate my arms.
I hate my ankles.
I hate my stomach.
I hate my grey hair.
I hate my face, double chin and cheeks.
I hate my butt (mostly because it’s just flat).

OVIOUSLY, self-love is something I need to work on. Now don’t get me wrong I do love one thing. My hair. Just without the grey. And my face deflates when I lose weight so once I knock off some pounds, I know I’ll be more comfortable to actually be in pictures. I’m just uncomfortable right now with the weight I’m at and not running is really dragging me down. I felt great when I was running! Can’t wait to start again.