You’re overqualified.

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard this. Not to gloat but I have a decent amount of hospitality experience which many think over qualifies me for certain jobs. When I need a part time job, I’m overqualified. When I don’t want to stress about a whole ass department and the success of an entire property and just want something simple, I’m overqualified.

I was looking for Night Audit position one time, because it was the only thing that I could do with my schedule and Angels schedule. The GM sent me an email by mistake. And as some who hired and interviewed many applicants, I have been on the receiving end of many emails, texts, phone calls basically saying the same thing. This email was supposed to go to his AGM, but he hit reply instead of forward. It read something to the effect of, “Check this one out. She has so much experience but wants Night Audit? Something doesn’t add up.” I replied and explained that with my current situation, Night Aduit was what fit my life at the time. He replied, “That wasn’t supposed to go to you.” NO SHIT. But the conversation between him and his Assistant Manager probably went something like this…
“She has all this experience and wants to work Night Audit?”
“She probably isn’t that good at anything else.”
“Or she got fired.”
“I don’t want to waste my time. Next”

I really don’t want to work in a hotel again but it’s what I know. I have two young kids, I don’t want my life to be my job again. That’s why I left and started selling vibrators. 😜