Do you believe in Angel Numbers?

Day 2 of 2022.

Angel Numbers are the spiritual universes way of communicating with you, according to Numerology. Angel Numbers are a sequence of numbers (three or four) that contain repetition and/or patterns. This number is your spiritual guides way of helping you see what is on your path in life. These numbers have different meanings for everyone. Basically, for those of you that turn your nose up to something you don’t believe in or understand, you have to have an open mind. Try and understand what the universe if trying to tell you and why it chose this number sequence for you to see.

My Angel Number, 1229. It took me until I saw a TikTok about Angel Numbers for me to actually look into the meaning of the number. My birthday is 12/29 and I was always told that when you see your birthday repetitively, it means someone is just letting you know they are there. I’ll always believe this but now, there is a more significant meaning to the number. Whoever is out there and was showing me this number, I can’t thank them enough.

I was seeing 1229 every day. Like, ev er y day. It was always the time, on the microwave clock, oven clock, my phone, t.v., computer, car.
So what is the meaning behind 1229?
▪️ According to, 1229 means life is not about failing or winning. Life is about doing things that make you happy.
▪️ My main focus is doing something that I love doing.
▪️ Don’t lose my enthusiasm. Trust your ideas, thoughts and desires.
▪️ I should courageously pursue my dreams because that is what matters to me.

This sparked the flame that is now burning. Once I read these meanings, I knew I had to get my own laptop and just start. I opened up my new laptop, in the bottom corner the time read 3:29 but in big font smack in the middle of the screen, it was 12:29. Coincidence? Made me pause for a moment but then I thought, “Shit, how do I get the times to be the same?”

The meanings don’t just pertain to blogging but also my goals and resolutions for this year. I used to blog a loooong long time ago. About really important subjects like teenage romance, broken friendships, homework, why school sucks.
I’m excited to share my thoughts, adventures, goals, life and whatever else I can with you. This year is going to be different because I’m not going to let life slip by anymore. I’m sure many of you are reading this and thinking the same thing since we have all been going through this pandemic shit.

The book I posted in my first post, I’ve just started it and it is already making me think about my life and how it has just been routine and uneventful. I don’t think I can thank my parents enough for this laptop (Christmas + Birthday gift, my mom never gives my birthday gift with Christmas, so she split the gift cards up 😂) Thank you for being here, joining me on this journey and of course, supporting me!